CRASH After 0.27 Seconds ! Help Me !

I bough N-Track two days ago. Installed on my laptop (XP) and it worked great !

NOW: I just brought it to my Fathers laptop and installed it again because I’m mixing some music where he lives. ONLY THIS TIME i went on the Net and installed some plug-ins BEFORE i registered.

SO, when i press the PLAY button the whole thing crashes EVERYTIME. Even before I’ve loaded in a song ! I press PLAY then 0.27 and CRASH.

Is this my fault`?
Or my dad’s laptop?

And what can I do to uninsall it COMPLETELY (so i can re-register).

Thanks Already!
And Great Program ! Expect for the crashes :)

Did you install some plugins ?

It shouldn’t mind before or after registering.

If it is a suspect plugin you can delete / move them out of the VST folder and try again.

If it works, take it back one at a time.

If you want to reinstall N clean, check out TeeJ’s (detailed) step by step…

Another thread

Its about the 7th reply.



Hey Marcello,

I was getting this crashing with build 1804 from today. Is this the build you’re using? [EDIT: Look under Help->About to see the build number] If so, try the latest build (1805) which is up there right now as I type. No crashes so far. I think that was just something weird in 1804, since 1801 and 1802 work fine (yeah, I’ve been bug-hunting–missed 1803, though :) ). I don’t think you’ll have to completely uninstall 1804, either; just the usual uninstall, then install 1805.

I hope this is the problem!


Thanks for taking the time to reply !
N-Track is now fine !
I just upgraded.

Thank You :D