Crash Dump

New n-Track feature

This is a nice feature added. It should be very useful for Flavio to get these sent to him.

Anyone know where the dmp file is saved? I hit a crash last night, saved the file, then promptly forgot where it was saved to…actually I don’t think I noticed in the first place but that’s beside the point.

C:\Documents and Settings<user>\Local Settings\Temp
-Track Studio.dmp

Got it. Thank you!

Hi phoo and Cap:
I’ve sent two .dmp files, off to Flavio… One created an up-dated build that got posted… The last one got sent over on Sunday… The first one couldn’t be re-created by him as he returned mail regarding it… but he saw the fault and he fixed it by posting an updated build…

I went on a search for the .dmp file but Windows was unable to find the .dmp file… Flavio mailed me where to look for it… Lo-and-Be-hold… there it was…

Thanks Flavio… for this addition to the version…


Yep, it’s amazing what a dump of the data at the time of the crash can do for you when hunting down those bugs.

This is all good news particularly for those times where someone’s system repeatedly crashes but no one else can reproduce it.


Indeed a very cool thing.

ya may have to do the “show hidden folders” deal to see it though,which i had to do,click my computer,click drive to which it was sent to,tools,folder options,view,check box that says show hidden folders

Yep, that’s the first thing I do any any of my PCs… show me all the files, including the system ones, and their extensions, and hidden folders and everything else. It’s my PC!!!