Crash using Demo and NDrums

Repeatable by me

Crash when trying to load NDrums samples.
Use NDrums as the MIDI Instrument<br> in Demo. many pads are empty.
Ask to load a sample using Real Time Sample Loader
see a drive listing, but it’s for a sub-directory of C:
double-click on root directory
much disc activity followed by request to send error report to MSoft, as programme has truck a problem
Catrl-Alt Del to stop NTrack

…and Ntrack is then very slow to load until I reboot.

I’ve run across this as well. I am using a registered version. It seems to be a little flaky. Ways I’ve gotten around it:

- If you’re running n-Track v5 and still have a v4 installation floating around: in my case v5 was pulling from the Program Files/v4/VSTPlugins directory. Moved my VSTs to the Program Files/v5/VSTPlugins directory and re-pointed nTrack to this. There is already an nDrums by default in the v5 structure. Not sure if they are different versions but I didn’t overwrite the nDrums that installed with v5 - just moved my other 3rd party plug ins.

- nDrums does not seem to like to walk very far down the diretory structure from the root. Seems less likely to crash if you place your samples in a folder in the nDrums/library structure, and use the “Up direcotry” button at the top of the list to go up a level. Then walk down a directory level to where your samples are.

Hope that helps, and hopefully a new version will make this more stable!

Thanks for that. Glad it’s not just me! It always feels a little better. :p

I don’t have V4, but I will digest your ideas about placement of samples. I was going to try to organise that sort of stuff (samples, plugins etc) anyway.