Crashing when using MIDi pianoroll editor

Hello, I was wondering why, after installing the latest update, I’m experiencing blackouts and crashes when editing MIDI notes and velocities in the Pianoroll editor.

I’ve had to turn off Autosave due to a previous bug and save manually every 5-10 edits but eventually it crashes anyway.

It’s frustrating as I then have to save using CTRL S, close N-Track, re-start it and then re-open and re-size the editor again with zoom, grid size, note length etc…

I have a modern laptop on W10 with decent sound and graphics.

Have I been doing something wrong since V9.1.1 x64 build 3647 or is there a bug?

Hello Adrian,

I’ve tried to reproduce the crashes while editing a MIDI part using the PianorolI, but without luck.
Is there a particular command or a list of actions that cause the crashes?
If you’ve a .sng that manifests the problem systematically please send it to

Please also fill and send the crash report which should appear after n-Track stops working, so that we can better understand the problem.