crashing with 2099

may be hardware?

So I did fine with a pre-.NET framework version but since I upgraded to build 2099, I can’t push the record button without it crashing! … not even once! I have played with the soundcard settings, buffering, etc. and nothing. I an wondering if the .NET framework taxes my system too much.
Like I said, it ran fine before the upgrade … I have a totaly Dell system I got from work, Celeron 2.0, using Echo Mia soundcard. I have trimmed the programs to minimal but I still suspect that my computer can’t take the build … or am I exposing my idiosity my failing to configure something right or something else very simple? :D Thanks

It’s probably that the config file is corrupted somehow, but it could be that the recording format is not set like n-Tracks thinks it is.

It could be a .NET problem but I doubt it. In any case, it’s unlikely that .NET taxing the system would cause what you are seeing.

Look for the n-Tracks config 2 file and delete it. Deleting it has about the same effect as reseting the preferences (in the preferences) but is a little more heavy handed. You’ll be forced to reset all you personal preferences.

It will be in a directory something like this C:\Documents and Settings\kellycraven\Application Data
-Track Studio
, where kellycraven will be whatever you log onto Windows as (assuming WinXp). vstdat.dat and vst.log is in there, too.

Look for n-TrackConfiguration2.xml and n-track2.cfg.

Move them somewhere out of that directory or rename them so n-Tracks can’t find the (I simply drag my to the desktop when I need to restore the original defaults). Don’t delete them just in case the need restoring, though that isn’t usually necessary…

Run n-Tracks and these files will be recreated.

Make sure that the recording format is 16 bits stereo for now. Switch it to something else (do OK, exit and restart n-Tracks), then go back and select 16 bits stereo.

Make sure the Live button is NOT enabled right now.

See if it records that way. If not then it’s something else and we can try again.

I also had the crashing problem. Resetting the config file in the current 2099 build did the trick. Under the Preference option then reset defaults. Everything is working well.

There are three sound cards in my machine and occasionally the preferences get mixed up as to which card I am using. I have to be carefull and make sure the card is correct with the files I am working on with respect to 16 or 24 bit. You might make sure your Windows sound preferences and your Ntrack preferences match.

Other times I have simply reinstalled the drivers for my sound devices. I have a Tascam-122 USB device and have found it’s drivers to just quit working for no apparent reason.


No, not the hardware, just as you guys said: I removed the config file and viola! I’m recording again. I do think I am pushing it a little by trying to use a Celeron 2.0, but it’s working fine (I just need to train the operator better :D )
Thanks again guys, that was just the ticket!