Help please?

Anyone fancy doing a backing track for this song for me? (katie melua ‘closest thing to crazy’) Rob loves it and i’d love to do a proper recording of it for him. As you probably all know by now i am not exactly brilliant at playing and recording…but apparently it gives him shivers when i sing it, so i thought it’d be kinda romantic to give it to him on our anniversary! (05th sept)

anyways, here’s a VERY rough take with a bit of crappy picking, loads of fumbled strings and stuffed up lyrics etc etc…just to give you an idea of of how badly i need your help! Thanks. X


I can’t listen here and now Ange - there’s an alligator sneekin up on me. (He thinks.)

I’ll probably be late on this one … but I’ll listen later. I’m sure someone will want to work with you.