Crazy noises during playback. What's the deal!?

Okay, I’ve been messing with the demo version for a week now and just bought N-Track today. Prior to now, when I recorded several tracks (7 or 8 for drums) there was a really wierd and evil sounding “dumm, dumm, dumm” of the notes D & E flat. Also, at 1:20 on the clock there’s deafening loud static and the monitors peg into the red! I thought this was all a quirk of the demo version so nobody could do any serious recording…so I buy the full version, plug in my registration codes…AND IT STILL DOES IT. I can’t record without this crazy crap on playback. What is going on here?

I’m running through a Delta 1010LT, but I can’t see how that would matter. When these noises aren’t popping up out of no where, the audio sounds great…HELP!!

Just curiously, what were you running on your system before you installed n-Track?
Are your Drivers updated?
Do you have something using your resources, like anti-virus? Maybe “someone” else is in there using n-Track’s ‘toolbox’ (ie., Dll files?)

I uninstalled the Demo, and found it had entrenched itself within several other programs’ files. Caused me a little trouble!

I wasn’t running anything before N-Track. My PC is 2 weeks old and my Delta 1010LT is 1 week old. I do have the most current drivers. The problem seems to be with my registration. I looked into it and the weird noises are automatic every 20 seconds in the evaluation version. For what ever reason, when I record, N-Track still thinks I have the demo version even though I just paid up. What should I do? Unistall N-Track and reinstall it on my PC? Any other ideas?

Drop a line to Flavio. It sounds like you have the wrong codes. This happened to me and he sent me the right ones pretty fast.

Are you sure you bought the 24bit version? If you run the 1010 in 24 bit and have the 16 bit version of N-track you will get behaviour as if you are unregistered. If you run in 16 bit you should be fine.



I hadn’t thought of that…I bought the 16 bit version, but I’m unsure if I’m attempting to record in 24 bit or not. My card is a M-Audio Delta 1010LT and I’ve got my N-Track preferences set for recording as AISO…I wonder… ???

Quote (Drummerbones @ June 03 2005,16:30)
I hadn't thought of that...I bought the 16 bit version, but I'm unsure if I'm attempting to record in 24 bit or not. My card is a M-Audio Delta 1010LT and I've got my N-Track preferences set for recording as AISO...I wonder.... ???

There should be an M-Audio icon on your toolbar for Windows XP (lower right corner). Click on that and you should be able to set the device to specific bit rates and sampling frequencies (ie: 16 bit mode!)