Creating 8 bit file for phone system hold music

How do I convert a file to 8 bit?

I am working with ntrack to create the hold music file for a new phone system. The phone system requires 8mhz, 8 bit, mono, u-law recording. Being a complete novice to audio recording, I was able to convert my recording to 8mhz mono, but it doesn’t seem to allow for conversion to lower than 16 bit. How can I get it to be 8 bit? And, what does u-law mean? Thanks! – Paul,

Try this

Thanks! I tried it. Seems easy enough. Unfortunately, my phone system still isn’t accepting it. I’ll have to give them a call to troubleshoot it.

Turns out it needs to be in the u-law format, and the Windows Sound Recorder that comes with Windows XP is easily able to convert the file to this format.

Sorted !