Creating MIDI arrangement from audio reference

Hi, everyone,

I’m interested in creating a piano+vocal arrangement of a pop song that has a completely different instrument set, with the option of importing it into something like MuseScore later to make it look nice.
I was thinking of digging out my old n-Track version 6 and see if I could do something with that.
I was wondering if others used n-Track in this fashion (or maybe everyone’s a lot smarter and can just figure it all out directly from the audio file).

I presume it would involve importing the audio into a new track, then creating 3 tracks for vocal, left hand, right hand.

The first trick is getting the MIDI beats to go with the audio.
For the audio track I’m using (4/4), the sound starts right away.
I tried putting 4 notes in the first 4 beats, then tried adjusting the BPM down to a level that matched the audio (90 for at least the first measure).
Assuming the song isn’t in perfect time, would I have to do this for every measure or every few measures throughout the song to keep them in sync?
Or is there some more direct method other than trial and error to get each measure in sync with the audio I’m trying to make an arrangement of?

Would the latest version of n-Track have any additional features that might make this process easier?

Thanks in advance!

Hi intranetmouse. You could try this kind of tool but they’re a bit hit and miss.

Or - how do you feel about chopping the track into bar sized chunks?