creating wma files


tried to convert a wav file to a wma file and I got a message that a required windows dll is missing would I like to connect to to download the file. Okay, so where would I find this elusive file?

any info is appreciated


What file did it say was missing? If you are on WinXp then all the files needed should be there already. My guess it that it’s missing the required WMA codec file. That’s included with Windows Media Player, which is part of Windows.

I suggest not worrying about it and get something like dbPowerAmp or Media Twins Audio Encode Decode Tools (my favorite, but it’s not free).

This is the codec package for Win Media Player 7.1 or greater. This is probably what’s missing.…lang=en

Phoo is correct, of course, but when you see that message in n-Track just say yes and you will be redirected to the file at Assuming that you are on line, it will be downloaded automatically.



Okay, that’s one problem I have. I cannot get that particular computer online. So, what I’m needing to know is where to find it in the fasoft website. I know it would seem easier to get the computer online; but it’s not. I tried for months to figure out why it won’t and am quite satisfied with the fact that it won’t since at the time that I was able to get the 'puter online, a virus wiped out my entire hard drive, songs and all, and I’ve had to start over. I am now very protective of my studio computer. any info is helpful.


Never mind. Got it figured out. thanks anyway. I am at least able to control my other 'puter with the one that has net access. So I pulled up n-track on that computer, went through the routine of converting a file and when it asked if I wanted to go to to download the files, I was able to answer “yes”. I d’loaded the files; installed them into n-track, and now I am in wma hog heaven.


COOL! Thanks for letting us know. Glad it’s working.