creation -the rock n roll theory

so God created the world in a week, pretty good going! On the 1st day he did this on the 2nd that etc
i was thinking of all the little bands we put together when i was young, if we had the same time scale 1 week how it wouldve been split up.

5 seconds writing the lyrics
5 mins writing the music
2 hours rehersing
12 hours deciding what to wear
6 days in the pub arguing what the bands name should be

No wonder none of them got far


Yeah… and unlike God, we couldn’t just ‘speak’ equipment and instruments into existence…


In the beginning the tape was mighty void, and there was a wind-like sound rushing across the face of the speakers, and the tape op said “align that thing” and the producer said “that sound is too light” and so Eric Clapton showed up and said, “Hey, that’s good.” Or something like that.

George Martin Counted IT IN…
and …
Then they played…


Eric clapon wasnt in Genesis your thinkng of some guy with glasses, steve somebody

I’ve always heard that Clapton is God…have I been misled? Deceived? Living a lie? Is my faith not real? I think it must be time to go down to the crossroads. or perhaps it’s time for the white room. Perhaps Steve will tell me. Steve? Steve? Are you there? Why doesn’t Steve answer me? Steve?

Steve of Wormwood

The Beginning AND the end. Clapton was/is a sham… :p


Tom i think what you are aggonising over shows that if you write something on enough walls people will eventally believe it
if clapton was at the crossroads or in the white room he was eithercatching a bus or in the wating room for a train. you see he traveled a lot to find walls to write on! :laugh:


what i was getting at with this thread really was every band iwas in seemed to spend most of its energy arguing over what the name was goin to be.
one time we were still arguing in the dresing room waiting to go on & the promotor was demanding we give him aname so he could intraduce us.
has no one else had this?
doyou think God had arguments naming his creation earth?