creative labs cardbus soundcard?

any known problems with n-track?

its been on in a long time and just upgraded to the new 4.3 version and so far so good! i do have a question does anyone know of issues with the new creativelabs cardbus sound card? i am thinking of a sound card upgrade to 24 bit this looks to be a cheap fix at $130. is it worth it?
i own a compaq presario2100 with amd-athlonxpm 2600 runs at1.99, 1gig runs at 940 of ram and external firewire 7200rpm harddrive.xp pro

With creative labs stuff, you need to record at 48k. I don’t really know why exactly (I’m sure someone could tell you) but I have an Audigy NX USB card, and have no problems IF (and only if) I record at 48k. runs/sounds great.