crummy mixdown

Hey All,
After EQing and setting volumes on my mix, it sounds great. Sizzling treble and thumping lows. Whenever I mixdown to a single wav file, I lose the zest and thump. Everything kinda smoothes out. Is there something I’m missing when mixing down? It’s not very drastic, but it’s noticable and it’s driving me nuts. I’m recording in 16bit and mixing down to 16bit/44khz stereo. Any tips?

test “mixdown when playing” option…
it sound very better than others

There should be no difference between the playback in n-track and the mixdown (assuming you include the master channel), unless you have some effects being added by your soundcard.

If not, what might be causing the difference is the use of a different playback utility to play the resultant mix file. Some utilities have their own volume controls, eq settings etc.

Try loading the mixdown file back into n-Track.


Quote (fleow @ Oct. 21 2005,15:07)
test "mixdown when playing" option....
it sound very better than others

thanks for the advice. I'll try it. I have tried opening the wav in Ntrack and it does indeed sound flat.