Cry Baby Cry~Beatles

Using T Rack’s Vintage 670 Compressor

I was posting a problem using T Racks in N Track, and thought I would post a song I Mastered with the T Racks Vintage 670 Tube (sim) Compressor, to demonstrate why I want to be able to use T Racks to record with. The other songs I made on same page are
satisfactory enough, but there is a subtle but “magical” difference using the 670 Compressor, made my song sound more Beatle-ish. After I made this song, every time I try and use T Racks it crashes N Track, and I haven’t gotten it resolved yet, so
I decided to become the self appointed Ambassador of T Rack Mastering PR spokesperson, in hopes of raising awareness of this issue, and perhaps resolving it once and for all, for the benefit of Excellence in Recording everywhere. And if anyone knows of a great compressor like the 670 tube compressor VST plug in or stand alone software, preferably as cheap ( $99 or less), please let me know.

You can hear all my songs including, Cry Baby Cry, which was mastered with the T Rack Vintage 670 Tube Compressor,

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Do you know what else makes songs sound Beatle-ish?

Cakewalks/Sonar’s Tape sims…put it through 30ips on the master channel then bring it back in to the editor and send it through again while adding the next track…digital Reel to Reel.
(this is assuming you are already using all pro gear, mics, preamps, and compressors before sending the sound into the computer converters.)

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jerm :cool:

I just posted a link to these on another thread, but the “Firechainer” claims to be a 670 “clone.”
No way.
But I’d be interested to hear how you think it stacks up to the T Racks version.
Oh, it is free. :)

NOt for me TOm,

I like spending $500 on one software sim that my computer isn’t powerful enough to run… :p

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Jeremy, you know that I have long questioned your sanity. :laugh:

it is my cross to bear… :p

one mans sanity is another mans lunacy. :agree:

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Ah, the “clone” is a 660 clone.

If I were trying to get that “Beatles” vibe on a track I would send the master mix through the cakewalk tape sim (which ever setting give me the most tape saturation, then one of these free tube compressor emulators (if not one of my hardware compressors).

I wouldn’t overdrive the tube to try and recreate the warmth that is actually tape saturation caused by S.O.S reels.

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I was thinkin’ it would be ok to start at the other end - with channel inserts so that the raw tracks feel as though they were recorded on tape but, of course, the tracks wouldn’t have the syncronised wow ‘n’ flutter of the master tape. If I had logic, I’d be a complete person :laugh:

I think the only point I am trying to make is there is more than one way to skin a cat and in this case more than one way to emulate Beatles sound.

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indeedy. spose you’d have to go the whole hog and start from scratch - That ‘The Piano’, bowl of sunflower seads,

Didn’t the Beatle’s “sound” we are talking about here come from a lot of analog compression used? Which is why Abbey Road is so nice - because it doesn’t have all that compression like the earlier recording. I still love the Beatles but their recordings are sounding really dated now (with the exception of AR).

Artist: "I want the Beatles’ sound on this song."

Producer: "You can’t just throw money around and buy a sound! You have to live a sound, you have to grow up in and saturate yourself in and surround yourself with a sound. It takes years to develop and nurture a sound. Money can’t buy a sound."

Artist: "Well I have a lot of money"

Producer: "How much?"

Artist: “Enough.”

I don’t know how true this is…

I’ve heard you have to be a multi-millionaire to walk-in off the street, have twenty years of studio experience to get discovered and start off at the bottom of the heap…
Also, yea gotta be known by all the other companies you hope to compete with, because you ain’t gonna appear in the music publications or be know by their their reporters or editors or allowed to be seen by your peers, unless you’re someone like Justin Bieber or What’s-Her-Name ????..
If you’re bauld or got gray hair…
well, that’s just too bad…
Forget about becoming a Star…

Just me adding .02 worth…


By-the-way… Last night, the CBC Carried a documentary on Abby Lane and George Martin and all, along with several big-time named groups that have recorded at Abby Lane with their comments…
I think it has been televised before but I haven’t seen it, before…
I didn’t see the credits… I don’t know where it was done…

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