It seems I have lost a few things and for the life of me I can’t remember how to get them back. First, how do I get rid of the gradient look of the waves? Also, is there an easy way to change the background bit map? And is there a way to set the default number of auxes in a new project? It used to do two, now it is 4… I realized I had been moaning about N lately and hadn’t upgrade to the latest and greatest. heck, maybe my problems had been fixed. But the latest 4.2.1 build is ugly (gray on gray on gray… not the easiest thing to differentiate things in) . I want my old default look back. Sheesh.

EDIT: I guess I will still complain… Latency compensation is even more goofed up in 4.2.1 2099 than in 4.0.5. Sounds like a machine gun delay on all of my drum tracks with all the fubar latency compensation in the group channels. How has my favorite and only DAW I ever needed or used turned into such a crumbling pile in the past year or so? :(

I think the ‘Track Gradient’ is in the Track Menu properties somewhere… The background bitmap is in the n-Track directory (I think) and may be renamed/replaced with any .bmp file of the same size.

regards, Nils

In V4.2:

Menu: View / Waveform display (toggles for many display features)

The bitmaps are in the ntrack.exe install directory (“C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4”)


You might run into an installation problem if you replace these, or delete one. n-Track will try to automatically reinstall itself if one of these is missing.

Thanks for the help. I had to drop back to 4.0.5 because the latency compensation in groups was so goofed up in 4.2.1 that I couldn’t use it.