Cutting sound track lead-in


I am using n-track 4.0. Back when I was using 3. something, it seemed that I was easily able to cut off my lead-in. Well, after many other projects, I’m back to recording again. So I guess what I am asking is …

What are the steps in 4.0 to cut the empty lead-in?

( I have the timeline displayed and I can silence the lead-in with the sliders, but I still have the silent time and can’t seem to select the portion of the track I want gone forever…)



I just leave the space at the beginning and then edit it out using an audio editor after final mixdown.

If you want, when you do your mixdown you can just tell n-Track to mixdown a portion of the song rather than the whole song and cut out the space that way.


Select the whole region across all tracks and use “control-X” to delete the selection. Shift-click on each track on the timeline, switch to the crossed-arrow cursor and drag all the tracks to the beginning of the timeline.

Note that this does not actually shorten the underlying .wav files, only the references in the .sng file as to where to start.


I don’t do this to all tracks in the song file; I do it to just the resulting mixdown wave file. After importing the mixdown, I drag the “end handle” (little square at the edge of the wave part) to the right to where I want it, and do the same at the end too. Then I use the “Trim” menu command to trim the file to that shape.

BTW, be sure to leave at least a half second of silence at the beginning and end of each cut, ideally about a second. I listen to a lot of amateur music on places like Soundclick, and it’s a real nuisance when songs begin right at the start of the file. Lots of players don’t even handle this well, and you also get problems of a song starting much too abruptly after the previous one ends. It’s a very common mistake among us amateurs.

Also, make sure that the silence really is silent! An easy way on the resulting mixdown is to drag-select the region before the song starts, hold down the control key, and click the “Silence” toolbar button. (Control makes it destructive, meaning it applies it to the wave file.)