Dan got smeared

By Bill O’Reilly

Dan got smeared.

One time I actually agree with old Bill (maybe the only time).


That smear came on the heels of the “Swift boat” attacks on John Kerry, an ordeal that may have cost him the election. While some of the Vietnam vets had valid points, more than a few of the accusations against Kerry were simply untrue. It didn’t matter though - his war record became a negative.

Right-wing talk radio in particular pounded Kerry and also bludgeoned Dan Rather for his role in another smear incident - the charges against President Bush about his National Guard service. Again, Rather was found guilty without a fair hearing. Charges that he intentionally approved bogus documents that made Bush look bad were leveled and widely believed. It was chilling.

As a CBS News correspondent in the early '80s, I worked with Rather and have known him for more than 20 years. Listen to me: There is no way on this Earth that he would have knowingly used fake documents on any story.

I agree with him about the Swift Boat vet SMEAR. It’s interesting to me that he seems to separate himself from right-wing radio. I don’t see much difference.

Scary times right now…Clinton left us rockin’ and rollin’ with over $200 million dollars in budget surplus money and junior just handed it out like candy and gave a nice fat tax cut to the top 1% of the tax bracket.Now we’ve got a defacit bigger than the surplus we used to have.Don’t you worry though,that money will have to be payed back in…And then we’ll see how important family values and morality are when the bill comes due for that mess.The day after the (re)election I was listening to the Republicans blither on about this that and the economy.When asked about paying down our federal debt,they mentioned income tax as one possibillity of paying,or helping to pay,our national debt.Some say,“No way”,but to those people I say,tell me how else that money is going to get payed back if not by raising taxes?
Dow and Exxon sure as #### aren’t going to pay it,we’ll end up paying for it.Very corrupt administration with a mentally challenged figure-head at the helm.Doesn’t say much for the collective intelligence of this country.I am sorry Danny boy has to step down…That act should be reserved for Bush and Chaney.

I agree DS. BTW - I like your avatar! Also, DS is a great song.

Azure skies make for one helluva sunset.Hahahahah!Nice to meet ya MT.

I’ll trade you some CDs for thos shrooms :p :laugh:

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Could any of this have to do with Bill’s little ‘Problem’ ???

O’Reilly – " … Because of a ruthless and callow media, no citizen, much less one who achieves fame,
is given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to allegations or personal attacks. The smearing of America is in full bloom."

“But you’ll be seeing more of this kind of thing in the future. All famous and successful Americans are now targets. Unscrupulous people know that any accusation can be dumped on the Internet and within hours the mainstream media will pick it up. It will be printed in the papers, discussed on radio and TV and become part of the unfortunate person’s résumé whether he or she is guilty or not. A click of the Internet mouse can wipe out a lifetime of honor and hard work. Just the accusation or allegation can be ruinous.“

I wonder who he was really talking about ?

AbG :cool:

Oh, Mike you left out a few parts … I guess you
“actually agree with old Bill” about this as well ??

” Weeks before the election, Kitty Kelley put out a book defaming the entire Bush family. The allegations were primarily made by anonymous people , but that didn’t stop the liberal media from gleefully recounting all the sordid accusations. Some newspapers
even put them on page one.”


I do agree about the Kelly book. I’ve also said that saying Bush went AWOL was smear.

Hey,Bushy boy needs to deal with it.His party can dish it out but they sure as #### can’t take it.The fact of the matter is,he did not go to Vietnam,period…Which is fine…Until you go running your mouth about somebody who was in Vietnam.All you friggin’ Bush supporters better remember one thing,at some point you gotta come home and face the fiscal mess your boy has created…And that’s not smear,that’s cold hard facts.The budget defacit will in the end trump junior’s crooked war.History always exposes the greedy,corrupt pigs of the world and junior will be no exception.
This administration has sent over 700,000 jobs down the toilet(actually overseas and across the border) and the Euro is kicking the dollar’s ass.We’ll see how important your blood for oil skirmish is in another year…After you’ve gambled away your social security on the stock market and your paying $3.00 a gallon for gas.Believe me,the economy will come home to roost,jack,and you Republicans can’t hide behind that bogus war forever. :p

In a nutshell Darkstar or should I say shroom cap! I guess 50 million people can be that dumb…at least 49 millon of us weren’t fooled so there is a lot of hope. I jsut can’t believe they think they have a MANDATE! Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.,

Cheers ???

.Believe me,the economy will come home to roost,jack,and you Republicans can't hide behind that bogus war forever.
And this war is going south IMO. I think Iraq could fall into civil war before this is over.

We continue to misunderstand why our enemy really hates us. They are blowing themselves up so we can go to the Iowa caucuses, i.e., they don't hate us for our freedom. I really wonder whether Bush is just a simpleton or he just says simple, politically-correct stuff so people in the Red states can understand him?

At least 135 Americans killed in November, military says.
Sure - this is nothing compared to WWII & Vietnam but it's still unacceptable for a war that was unjust, unprovoked, and political.

What about this great coalition the dubya put together? of the 1400 killed 1300 are Americans…Nice coalition dub ol’ boy.
W.W.J.B. who would jesus bomb?
cheers :(