Dance Pop (no lyrics, yet)

Have uploaded this to my collaboration site, hoping to get different drums and a bass guitar for it.

Working on lyrics for it, hoping to find someone in the style of India Arie or Fergie who can do vocals for this…

Hip Hop demo @ youtube

Nice feel.
You need midi in your life.

Can’t get the drums or bass I want for this with midi, sadly, lol!

A zillion free VST drum machines. Covers all the usual hip hop 808/909 sounds.


I have to say it sounds great and has got an overall feeling to it. It is great to see that you have got such variations altogether. It seems that you are on the lookout for lyrics. I think it would be even better after the addition of lyrics, I suppose. Anyway, now that you have already selected the styles of India Arie and Fergie, you can easily manage that. I am surprised to see that you are using N-TRACK version 2.3 for this!