DB-25  /XLR  ?

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For dynamics effects (gates/comps) and EQ you will run those to the inserts of the board. Typical order is EQ, gate, comp. Squished transients make for confused

OK, as I said that makes sense,

Now for vocals for example, I am using a Shure wireless system (headset and SM58, either or both) and the Digitech S100 (for reverb, echo/delays, etc etc).

I can EQ, off the board (the Mackie has pretty good EQ,) or use a rack mount if need be, (I have a Gemini stereo EQ) then Gate/comp off the LA mulitgate through the instert.....my question would be how to route the Digitech FX with the wireless signal, should I place it in an AUX signal (which I am still trying to figure out since there is only one AUX1 out with two L and R aux1 ins)

Not real sure where to place the FX in this chain, before the pre-amps EQ of the board or after and inbetween the inserts?

And what kind f chords do I need, I mean it seems we have established that the inserts on the board require what looks like a stereo plug on both ends (so now I have a insert snake for that) but still confused about what type of chord I need for using the AUX sends for FX on each channel.
FOr example the Gemini rack EQ has stereo looking outs and XLR outs on each side (two channel) but the AUX1 return has Left and Right Mono 1/4 inch inputs.....

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Does anyone know if this will link directly into a TASCAM ADAT? using the DB25?

The plugs look the same, I just need to know if they are compatible.

I would like to use the ONYX1620 to record live gigs onto laptop, but also have a DAT backup in a rack.
Here is one I am looking at:


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