DC Offset or Drop Shadow?

I just upgraded from version 3.x to 6.0.8 and have a question.

In the wav file display it looks as if every track I record has a decent amount of DC Offset (looks as if the wav is just above the 0 line, and not originating from it).

I’ve tried the highpass filter built into NTrack’s parametric eq and it did nothing that I could see.

So I tried out Wavosaur (after doing a search through this forum’s archives, this program was mentioned a few times), and opened one of the offending files. No DC Offset!

Sooooo, is this a glitch, or just a drop shadow? And is there any way to turn off the drop shadow (if that’s what it is)?

Thank you!

I’m not certain that I am answering your question, however, therre has been some discussion about the way N_Track displays wave files when zoomed in ver close. There is no an apparent center line in the display and this bothers some users. This may be a cause for what you are seeing.

Thanks bax3!

I guess it’s just something I’ll have to get used to.

I’m still learning how to use all the new features and I’m liking them!


Yeah…the lack of a centerline really bugs me. I can’t imagine it’d be difficult to implement one.

Turn on Baseline and Outline in the waveform display options.

Quote: (phoo @ Feb. 02 2010, 10:45 AM)

Turn on Baseline and Outline in the waveform display options.

Wow, I can't believe I missed that.

Thanks phoo!


Turning on just baseline should be enough, but there might be a bit of an issue with that. The baseline didn’t show up until outline was on. Seemed a little odd.


Nice one Phoo.
Thought I’d link this artical for anyone (like me) who isn’t quite clear on the DC offset thingy.


…already had 'em selected. No baseline.

After several seconds, the waveform fills in (becomes “solid” graphically), and adds a baseline, but that’s not what I’m after. And waiting a few seconds for it to appear’s not what I’m after, either.

I wonder if it’s an issue with my graphics card.


Hi TonyR:

Thanks for that link and the seminar/discussion on DC Offset in signals…
That’s a nice report…