De esser plug in

can you recommennd one ?

Hi Guys :)

Is there such a thing as a de-esser plug in. Have you tried one that is stable and works well ?



n-Track Multiband Compressor works very well as a de-esser, though it doesn’t compress quite like some classic de-essers which is compressing full bandwidth while triggered from just the highs. Just enable the top band.

I use the de-esser from when I need the real thing, though it’s not free.

There is a de-esser in one of the MDA VST packages, though I think it’s limited to mono (maybe). I didn’t like it too much the last time I used it, but that was a while back.

Hi Phoo :)

Thanks for the recommendation, Ill check it out.



I like spitfish from digital fish phones here

I use spitfish for allmy de-essing.
Works well on both male and femal vocals for me. (Well good enough for me anyway :))


I’ve had good success just doing it manually. They’re easy to spot in the waveform, and it’s very quick to do a quick volume automation to drop out that part of the wave. If there are just a few here and there, it works great. If it’s all over the place, a plugin might be best.

Another vote for Spitfish

Let me pile on, another vote for spitfish, though used sparingly.

Thanks Everyone :)

Ill try spitfish also.


I do the same thing as LearJeff, i.e., I go through my vocal tracks & remove the ess’s manually with Sound Forge. I think using a real-time plug-in would be an unwise use of your CPU.


Can anyone get the digital fishphones stuff to even work anymore under 3.3? Ntrack just gets so unstable using it in my case now that I don’t even bother - I just use the kjaerhus classic plugins these days.

I’m a bit bummed about it, as I like blockfish a lot especially on a comp/gated kick and snare group.

i use the fishphones stuff a lot w/3.3. can’t use too many instances of blockfish, but that’s a cpu issue. was doing a demo last month and had to render my vox tracks (5 of them).

yep between fishphones, kjaerhaus, and traction 1 w/final mix, life is pretty good.