Death by Guitar's new song

this is our new song - the one we came here having difficulty with the guitar sound & the mixing.
think it sounds ok now, although i wish i could get you guys in my car to hear it, where it sounds best. It’s real retro rock.

(Sorry cant work out how to upload the website page. It’s on our website below under NEW STUFF)


Nice ‘n’ punchy mix. Passes your car test and sounds ok on my craptop.

Forgot to say its called Rock n Roll Heaven


I think this link should take you there…

New Stuff

Great sound…


Dang, my gosh dern firefox morezilly thing won’t play the song! Do you have a link for direct download, or if I PM you my email would you shoot me an mp3? I promise not to sell, resell, repackage, replace, distribute, fold, spindle, mutilate, or in any other way compromise the artistic integrity of said mp3.

I will say that the website rocks.

Tina, you are a very good guitarist. I really liked “Bangin’ Away.”

TomS! Do you need to update Flash?

The thing I like most about Rock And Roll Heaven is that it sounds good on shitt gear;- my craptop, a mono Blaupunkt in my mini HiJetta camper and now on a really crappy mp3 player with the worst, generic ear-plugs.

Sorry, Tina, I ripped it for the tests;-)

I dunno, Tony, I’ve done that about ten times. So I went back to IE (blech).

RnRH is the best of the 4 songs I’ve heard, in every way, and the only thing it needs is to have the vocals higher in the mix. Not louder, really, but more compression and a bit drier, and then perhaps brought forward a bit.

I’d also like real drums rather than the synthetic sounding electronic ones, but that’s just me. Are those programed or played by your drummer? On the other hand, they do enhance the aesthetic.

Great stuff.

Thanks guys, I’m really really pleasde you liked the song. Friends & fans can say they love it but I know posting stuff here is going to expose us to much harsher & more objective criticissm from people who know what there talking about!

Tony you are going to have to spend some of your money on better sound gear, we didnt spend 3 weeks trying to make that song sound awesome for you to ruin it on crap gear! :D

Bill thanks for sorting out the link for us, how did you do it, i tried for 15 minutes & gave up?

Tom we do find recording & mixing the vocals the hardest bit & always end up degrading them in the mixing stage just to get them to cut thru & be clear.
we would love to have real drums on our songs but the cost, the space needed, the noise & the effort recording them takes them out of our reach.

sarahs son Adam rerecords the drum parts & adds to them for the videos on an electronic kit which are all originally done on a drum machine.
in the bottomleft corner by the paint pots is a little speaker cabinet. Click on that & you can download the song. sorry should have said that earlier.


Adam programs good stuff. I am almost always stuck with the VSTi option too. I liked the retro drum kit in the videos. It was clear that it wasn’t recorded on that. ???

Try this with the vocals. Use a compressor with a soft knee setting, and cut just about 2 or 3 db off the track. Then hit it pretty hard with a compressor that mimics an opto-compressor. These have a slow attack and slowish release. You might have to EQ a bit to get the right sound, since it is likely to accentuate frequencies that are not the ones you want. Also remember that intelligibility in speech is in the 5K range so if you boost that a tiny amount it sometimes helps, but can be harsh too. I put the EQ before the comps. Then avoid using too much reverb - a really short room sound is good, e.g., using the free SIR convolution reverb.

But there are folks here who know more and will probably think I’m nuts and they’d be correct.

I like compression. :laugh:

Thanks Tom for giving us your secrets of recording vocals, but now I’m going to have to ask you to give us a bit more information if you dont mind.
we use compressors but only with their presets.
Say we use the ntrack compressor on the soft knee setting how do we cut 2db off it, is that with the threshold control. So if it was on -19db we’d change it to -17 or -21, which?
where do we find a plug in compressor that mimics a opto compressor?
We have the ntrack comp, classic comp, & ntrack multiband comp are any of these suitable?
Excuse our ignorance, its embarrassing to have got so far with so little real knowledge of what were doing.
Adam doesnt program the drums we do. When we come to make a vid we let him flesh out the drum part & record his extra bits on the song, which he mimes to when we film.
the truth is at 16 he’s embarrassed to be seen with 40 year old women!


Tina, I can’t say about n-track compression, mine is still in demo-mode, but if you’ll look up the blueline plugins (they’re free) you’ll find there are about 8 different plugins from comp to chorus to phaser to parametric EQ, and each comes with multiple presets… I use blueline comp on light preset for mastering purposes

I’d avoid the blueline plugs at this point, they are only 16 bits IIRC, and there are free things that mostly sound better. although I think the BL gate was the best designed gate out there. Cool having an ADsr on a gate. Anyway, just my opinion, and I used them for a long time, and I’m probably wrong!

So, you’re going to want to learn a bit about how compressors work. The presets are not going to work well in most cases, because each track needs the parameters set properly.

Here’s a link to a great free one that is really simple, Martin Best’s Leveling Amp. It’s actually a leveling amp, but try slapping it on a vocal track, and also on the whole mix. It only has two controls - the attack and release time are set, and have good values for mixes (which is what it is designed for, but works pretty well on vocals too).

thanks danny but it seems like they were discontinud a while back?
cant seem to find them for download.


Again, you’d be losing a lot of info with those plugs, and degrading the sound, given the internal bit rate they process at. They were discontinued before XP. But if you still want them, they are here:

i think our last posts overlapped Tom. I have downloaded martin bests levelling amp & will give it a go. Many thanks.


It’s not a cure all, but it is pretty good for smashing things while keeping it simple. Another thing - what are you doing for mastering?

Tom, I have a question, here. Unless you have a 24-bit soundcard (pricey stuff), all audio is in 16 bit, including the CD’s that are manufactured. Surely, 16 bit resolution is not as good as 24 bit, but it all ends up back as 16 bit, anyways. I never noticed any degradation of sound quality with blueline (although generally I only use the chorus, flanger and compressor plug-ins). In fact, I am given to understand that only dvd’s and Hi-def are 24 bit, so what possible use is it to record everything in 24 bit if it is going to end up as 16 bit the moment it is mastered to CD or standard audio formats?