Decent, affordable USB interface

I am sure this has been discussed, but I couldnt find any info
I am running ntrack on a Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop. My intention is to just use the program for recording my song ideas, one track at a time, so I can present them to the rest of the band in a (mostly) completed format.
I am looking for reccomendations for a reasonably priced, not too fancy USB audio interface to plug my guitar into.



I use the Tascam US-224, and it does me pretty well.

If you are in the UK then look at:

I am sure some of the others here and help you with a similar web site for your country if you are not in the UK.

Mine is 15 months old… and is good as new,despite a bit of beer abuse when I am a little too drunk at my desk. :wink:

I’m using the Edirol ua-25 with my dell 5160 and it works great. The only thing that is glitchy are the asio drivers but the wdm work with N. The audio skips with the asio drivers, even with the buffers set to the max.

The Tascam and the Edirol look like they have some useful features, I was hoping to spend under $100. And I really dont need more than the 1/4" inputs and a monitor/headphone jack.
Has anyone had any experience with or care to comment on these to items?
M Audio Fast Track USB
Edirol UA20 USB Audio/MIDI Interface 24/44.1kHz
MAudio MobilePre 2x2 16-Bit 48kHz USB Interface with Microphone Preamp

Thanks again for all comments!

Cant comment on the boards you mentioned but I spent lots extra to get the mic preamps on my m-audio soundcard on the 1010lt the are very fine pre amps and worth every penny spent on them.


If you’re looking for something cheap and easy check out the M-Audio Transit. A stereo in / out USB card, for about $79. 24 bit / 48KHz if you’re doing simultaneous in and out, or 24 bit / 96KHz if you’re just inputting or outputting.

A very handy (and small) interface…you’d need a <$10 Radio Shack adapter to take 1/4" ins. It’s a stereo 1/8" in (or optical) input.


I use a Tascam US-122 with a Dell Inspiron 9100 all the time. It works great! The nice thing about the Tascam is two mic pres WITH phantom power and direct monitoring. It’s a neato unit.


PS Oh yeah… the audio quality is great with the US-122.