Decisions, decisions

Which build version is most stable?

I’ve been using ntrack 4.0.5 Build 1841 and had to re-do my whole PC. I’m at the point of deciding which build to install, and hence which .NET framework. Neither .NET framework is installed now, nor is any version of ntrack.

My current installation is Win XP SP2, all critical updates installed, Auto Updates and Firewall turned off for now, WamiRack 192X sound card with the 6.0 Beta2 drivers,

BTW, ntrack and the Wami worked “ok” together in the past with Build 1841 and Wami 4.3.0 drivers, but I’ve had some big problems with newer ntrack builds and newer Wami drivers… but we’ll see. I’d like to use the Asio drivers, which ntrack Build 1841 and Wami 4.3.0 worked okay together on (although I could never record at 24-bit), but anything past that point on either side of the drivers and ntrack would hang…

Any ideas?


Lots of people here stick with what has worked for them and only upgrade when they feel confident in the new build. I actually still use 3.3 which doesn’t require the .net configuration. But lots of others have their favorite 4.x builds which they swear by…so what works for you is the best version (for you).

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I think most will agree with me…


v4.0.5 Build 1846 is rock solid for me.
Proobably more so than the old 3.3 (build 1516 - I think…)

Any I’ve tried since have been unstable on my system…

Yeah, I’m thinking about installing .NET 1.1 and installing Build 1846… I still have 1841 so I may go that way. But 1841 would crap out on me in inopportune moments… Thanks for the comments!

1846 user here.

I think I’m still using 1846 as well. Mostly it works, but I still hit the “save” button every time I make a change.

Four new builds since this version came out of beta a week ago? hmm… seems like he may have jumped the gun a little bit when he dropped the “beta” tag. Still, he’s working on it, so patience is the key!