default colors

save custom track colors as default

Am I able to save custom pastel colors as default for waveform displays?

I did a search in message archives for:

If there was a better way to search, I’m open to suggestions.

in Arizona, USA
v. 4.2.1

right click on the wav > Colour > Save.

Right, Tony, thanks.
I’d like a set of custom colors available each time I open a project. My pallette. They don’t appear to save outside of one project.

Across the bottom of the windows is a “Custom colors” section. There is also a “Add to Custom Colors” button - click on that and then the Save button. Works for me across the different Skins I have.

I thought it was working until I closed and reopened n-Track. Then I found that the color was no longer saved. I also notice that the “Define Custom Color” button is not available. Looks like a bug.