Default save directory

Has this changed?

This is beginning to bug me.

I’m sure n-Track used to save new wavs to the current directory by default. Somewhere over the last year of so mine has stopped doing this, and seems to remember the last directory used rather than the current directory. (Or defaults to My Documents).

Is that what it’s supposed to do?

I tend to browse to my song directory, double-click the song file to open n-Track, and start work. If I forget to adjust the save path for my new wavs (I have “ask for filename of recorded wavs” turned on), I end up saving wavs in the wrong place. Ditto for mixdowns.

Is there a setting I’m missing (I’ve tried playing with the PATH settings in preferences)? Or is this how it works? And was I dreaming about the previous behaviour on n-Track whereby saves went to the current directory?


I haven’t noticed it change, and haven’t seen that happen, and I’ve been do some recording the last few weeks.

Does resetting your preferences have any affect?