Defective Machine

Music by Kenneth Garin (n-Track 2.3)

So I just released my independent debut album under my artest name “Defective Machine”. It’s electronic ambient/industrial/rock/psychedelic.
All the songs were recorded and mixed down in n-Track 2.3 and one of the songs was done with ver 2.1 back on my old computer.
Most the tracks were recorded using 48khz but some in 22 and 44.
I think I have mastered n by now and anyone who listens to my music through headphones should be able to tell that. The last track on my album is 12mins long (this track isn’t avail for download, sorry) and included over 100 mono and stereo tracks with some using effects! That’s really pushing it! I did about 5 mixdowns though :wink:
I only have 5 songs ready for download/streaming (mp3 128kbs) right now, still looking for free music servers.
Hope you enjoy…

Direct music download links…
Tracks 6,7, 12
Tracks 9, 11

great stuff!i like disconnect.we need more of this kind of music on this site.really shows the potential of n(and fun to listen to)good mixes,great sounds…good luck with the cd.critically,maybe i’d change up (or beef up)the drums(perc)and use less presets on the synths.great job!

(u probably will like…