Defective Machine

Freedom From Chaos, songs made with nTrk

Click here to listen to Crazy-Ride
Click here to listen to Fade-Away
Click here to listen to Feel-Alive
Click here to listen to Freedom-From-Chaos

Hi everyone. My newest indie CD has just been released.
So far I have 4 of the songs ready for download. Everything
was mixed down in n-Track studio. Most of the effects used were either n-Track effects or vst plugs. Almost all of the drum/synth sequences were made in fruity loops or done using n-Tracks midi functions.
It’s mostly electronic industrial and some ambient stuff with vocals.
PS you can buy a copy with all 13 songs on it for really cheap from my website if you like the music at…
Defective Machine Website
If for some reason the site is down, check back at a later time. The server is flakey.

Hi DarkLife,

You asked for it. In no way do I consider myself better than you. I like Industrial stuff, and this has some elements of it.

With all due respect, the vocals are extremly bad - you need another singer right now! - nobody wants to hear this singer - feel free to crush me and disagree. The drums sound like a drum machine - this is a bad thing- you need a drummer’s opinion (I’m a drummer for the little it’s worth) - guitar effects and bass sound fine for industrial atmospheric stuff.

You probably hate me now - but consider this - could someone walk away and play the melody (if there is one) on a piano after hearing your stuff? ALL good music should have some melody that one can take away after hearing it.

Just my 2 cents.


Actually thanks for the comment. I don’t mind your opinion.
I am the singer and this is my music and I plan to keep it that
way. If people like it or not that’s their vote but I do what I do
because it’s me and I like it. I don’t hate you for sharing your
opinion. You could think it’s crap for all I care. All that matters
is that I like what I am making. I just hope others can listen
to it and enjoy it also.

What a great attitude!

Stick to your guns man, I feel the same way - if that’s your sound and you believe in it then stick with it.

You’ve now interested me in listening to some of your other tracks!