Delay panned,  dry sound not panned, without aux?

this obviously applies to any effect

Hi again.

I would like to use a vst delay plugin to a vocal track in a nice 70’s glamrock style where the delay comes from other side and the dry vocals would be more or less in the center.

Of course I could use N-track’s aux returns with its pan pot, but when there’s only 2 aux returns I would like to spare them to other effects (which I might like to pan in more conservative way).

Is there any more ways to do that?

If I insert the effect just to vocal track the effect is precisely where the vocal track happens to be panned. Other way I can figure out is copying the vocal track to another track, put the effect on the latter one, mix it totally wet and pan the wet sound wherever I please.

(With hardware mixer I would route the signal from the tape echo to one channel instead of aux return and pan it from there.)

I use n-tracks delay and kjerrhus free delay.

You can have as many AUX’s as you want.
Go into preferences and options and set how many you want in there

Otherwise, copying the track will work.
Also if you have a stereo delay youu may be able to have it set to all wet and set the pan within the delay if it has one…


varakeef, You may have up to 32 aux channels in n-Track, although your system may begin to budge at about eight or so - they all use resources. Unless the delay unit has its own output pan control (which the Kjaerhus Classic Delay doesn’t), this is probably the simplest and best way to get panned delay.

Using an additional track for the delay is a possibility, too, and it has the advantage that less resources are needed because it usually takes n-Track less effort to reproduce an extra track than to have a VST effect going.

regards, Nils

EDIT No, RichLum. Only up to 32 Aux channels are allowed… - see post.

Thank you very much, guys!

I’ll make some more auxes then. 32 is plenty, I could live with 4…