Deleting unwanted files.

My unwanted files are not deleted from m

When I delete wave files those files are not sent to my recycle bin or deleted at all, but remain somewhere in the n-track program files folder. They no longer are part of the song but eventually they eat up a lot of memory. My solution has been to go and first rename the song files that I want to keep one by one and then delete the rest from My Computer/Manage Files. This is extremely time consuming. Why doesn’t n-track just delete the files from my hardisk like it says it does?

Thanks for any help.

How are you deleting the files? Are you right-clicking on the files in the track view, then choosing the ‘remove track’ option from the menu? Do you get the next dialogue box, where it asks what you want ntrack to do, either delete (can’t undo), move to recycle bin, and so on? The delete option always get rid of unwanted .wav files for me… :) If you don’t get that second dialogue box, I think there is a place in settings where you can reset it to give you the options.

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gusto, it’s always a very good idea to practice good file management.

Not only does it make handling your songs easier, (especially if you’re working on several at a time), but it makes backing up much easier too.

So, first step. don’t record anything into your n-track proggy folder. :)

I have two hard disks, the first for system files, proggies, etc., and the other for audio only.

The Audio disk is divided into two partitions, one is called PROJECTS, and the other is called WORKING.

So, when I start on a song, I create a folder in the WORKING partition called SONG15 or whatever.

All my program pointers are set to point to that folder, and all my wavs, etc., are put into that folder.

Then, when I’ve finished with that song for now, I move it entirely into the PROJECTS partition (and I back it up too).

So, all my songs have their own folders in the PROJECTS partition, and only the one I’m working on is in the WORKING partition.

Other people do it in different ways, but as long as you practice good file management, whatever works for you. :)

As for deleting files…DON’T.

Hard disks are cheap, and space is always available, and who knows, that little recording you don’t like now, may just be the perfect thing to put in your mix when you listen again next week. :)

So when you have finished and mastered, and are perfectly happy, then delete the left-overs, (if you really must! :D)


Thanks for the replies. As for the first reply, I have that dialogue box turned off but I think it is still supposed to delete files from my hardisk anyway, just not double check if I want to each time. It doesn’t however.

Also the files I delete are all mistakes rather than songs or song ideas. I want them deleted. I will try the file saving system suggested but have a few questions about it. If I move a song file into one folder and then delete all wave files of that song in the original folder, will I still be able to open that song and play it or does that song file just point to all of the different wave files needed for that song. I have had problems before where I deleted stuff I didn’t want to and wound up with missing wave files. I only want to keep the wave files that are saved as parts of a song file.

Unfortunately I must have at least 25 gigs of random unwanted wave files on my computer. True hard drives are cheap but it would be nice to just clean my system of what I don’t want. Anymore advice would surely be appreciated.


Save each song that is the way you want it to a packed song, with NO compression (it defaults to max compression). Move those to folders of their own. Only files that are used will be included in the packed song files. Delete all the waves that are left after moving the packed song. Of course, test the moved songs to make sure they are working right before deleting anything. Opening the packed song will give you the option of saving the waves to any new location you want – might was well use a fresh new folder for each song. It probably would be a good idea to just move all the files you want to delete to another directory temporarily, long enough to know for sure you don’t want those files.

You can also use Move/Rename song to avoid the packed song conversion. I don’t use that because I normally drag and drop the whole packed song to a CD or DVD for safe keeping, but any critical backups are done in full uncompressed form. That way there is little chance of loosing a whole song because of some kind of corruption in the packed song. Any lot data would e a wave here or there and not the whole thing…but there’s no need to go that far for daily saves usually.

Anyway, I do this regularly. It works really well (packed or just moving a song).

Quote (phoo @ Jan. 02 2005,14:49)
Save each song that is the way you want it to a packed song, with NO compression (it defaults to max compression).

Just to underline what phoo said. Do not accidentally compress the files or you're screwed.