Delta 1010 and 24 Bit

How to select 24 bit recording

I’ve run into a bit of a mystery with my Delta and N-Track. I have been recording at 16 bits ever since I upgraded my Delta 66 with a Delta 1010. I got some new gear and decided to try 24 bits again (I tried it with the 66 but couldn’t hear a difference).

When I click the settings button in the recording and playback VU meters and select 24 bits I get a message to make sure the settings are compatible with the soundcard. It won’t accept regular 24 bit. The VU meters freeze and don’t show any signal from the board.

When I select 24 bit left justified I do show signal from the board but it is super loud.

I can’t see anywhere in the Delta Monitor/Mixer that allows you to set bit depth (just sampling rate).

I’m pretty sure that I just used regular 24 bit with my Delta 66 but I can’t get 24 bits to work now with my 1010. Any Delta users with suggestions?

I use 24bit with my Delta44.

The 24bit setting in n-Track craps out, but selecting left justified works fine.

Have you tried checking all your mixer settings on both your hardware and on your delta software mixer?

Thanks lemon. I’ll go through everything again and see if I can figure out why 24 left records so loud.

I’m using a Mackie 1642 mixer which has no -10, +4 setting so it can’t be that. I’ve got my Delta 1010 box set to +4 which is the quieter setting.

If you record something at 16 bits and then at 24 bits, does the 24 bit record a lot louder?

In my experience (with the 44) it should sound louder.

Do you have a software mixer with your 10/10?

Mine looks like this:

Check the levels on those maybe???