Delta 1010 hookup-some progress

Have sound – all going to one speaker

Hi, all.
Thanks to everyone for the help you’ve given me already. Iv’e read through the 1010 manual a couple of times and between your help and reading the manual, I’ve been able to get sound – but it’s all going to the central speaker of the surround sound system and the subwoofer.

Here’s how things are set up in the M-Audio 1010 Control Panel:
Patch Bay/Router H/W 1/2 set to Monitor Mixer

Patch Bay/Router H/W 3/4 set , 5/6, and 7/8 all are set to the default wav outs

In the monitor mixer, I have both left and right signal in the master volume (set to -2.5), and signal to track 1 (panned hard left) and track 2 (panned hard right) – levels for both set to -3.5.

I’m also getting signal to track 4 only on Wav Out 3/4 of the monitor mixer.

Checking/unchecking stereo link doesn’t seem to have any effect on any of the tracks, and connecting jacks to tracks 3/4 doesn’t seem to be having any effect either.

The center speaker sounds great! But now I’d like to get true stereo – going to two speakers.