Delta 1010 hookup-some progress

Sound all going to one speaker

Hi, all.
Thanks for all of your help previously on getting my new Delta 1010/breakout box up and running. Between your suggestions and reading the manual a couple of times, I’ve now got sound. But it’s all going to the central speaker of the 5.1 surround sound system and the subwoofer.

Here’s how it is set up in the M-Audio control panel:
– Patch Bay/Router set to monitor mixer
– H/W outs 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 are all set to the wave defaults of wav out 3/4, wav out 5/6 and wav out 7/8

On the monitor mixer, I have signal on the master volume, with levels set at -2.5 on each channel. I also have signal on both wav out 1/2, with faders set at -3.5 On some Live 365 radio stations I also get signal on wav out 4 only (no signal on 3).

On the monitor mixer, output 1 is set to pan hard left, output to to pan hard right. But the sound is all going to the central speaker and the subwoofer.'

Checking/unchecking stereo link has no effect, nor does connecting jacks to outputs 3/4.

The sound to the central speaker sounds great – now I’d just like to get stereo working. BTW, for those who have said to read the manual, I have been reading it; have read through it a couple of times already.

Again, thanks in advance for any assistance.


if i am not mistaken last time you posted you had not installed N - is that still the case ? -

while 5.1 us a good thing, it is not automatic, with all DAWS you have to create the surround yourself from 6 tracks,

when you add a soundcard to a PC you have to tell the PC to use it, it is not a given that your OS will configer itself correctly -

to make your PC use the Delta as default go to control panel/audio & multimedia on audio tab set default for playback and recording to M Audio Delta ASIO - now all windows sound (this includes your radio stations) should be on Delta outs 1 and 2 -

Dr J

Good point J-rabbit.

That’s the way I do it. Since I use the PC primarily for music, I turned off all system sounds (to save on CPU usage) and I use the ASIO stereo out 1-2 of the 1010 to my mixer. All sounds go out through the 1010.