Delta 1010 hookup-success!

Stereo now working

Hi, all.
Just wanted to let all who gave me suggestions on how to hook up my new Delta 1010 w/breakout box that it’s now working in stereo with subwoofer. The setup is basically what you suggested – but for some reason I get the stereo only if the volume is set at about -6. Anything lower than that and the stereo disappears and I get sound only one one speaker.

The wires all seem to be connected solidly, so I’m not sure what else to check.

Also not sure why it suddenly started working tonight. Earlier in the week. same settings, I was able to get sound from one speaker at a time and could route sound from one speaker to another. I’d also cranked up the volume then, but with no results.

Anyway, it’s working now. :D :D

So now I’ll have to get busy and get ntrack and/or Adobe Audition and get busy recording.