Delta 1010 not recording in 24 bit

Problem recording in 24 bit


When I configure ntrack to record in 16 bit, it’s perfect. When I switch to 24 bit recording I’m getting error messages saying: “Error opening wave input device, Make sure that the sampling frequency and the recording format set in the dialog box in the recording vu meter, are supported by the soundcard.” Isn’t 44100 a good enough sampling frequency for 24 bit recording? Even when I set the sampling freq. higher on the Delta and also in ntrack I still get the same error message. Why would I get this error only in 24 bit, when delta 1010 is a 24-bit/95khZ dull-duplex recording interface?

I have both uninstalled and reinstalled the delta drivers, upgraded and uninstalled and reinstalled successfully twice, old and new. But I’m still getting this error message recording in 24 bit.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Bet it’s a drivers problem. I had a similar problem with my Aardvark. ???

Quote (TomS @ Mar. 04 2005,19:08)
Bet it's a drivers problem. I had a similar problem with my Aardvark. ???

Thanks Tom,

I did reinstall new drivers but that didn't help.
What was the fix for your driver delima, just a reinstall?

I've got a session Sunday, and hope to get this figured by then or reschedule, I guess that would probably be the wise thing to do.


If I recall correctly, you have to ensure you select 24 bit left justified or you will get that error.

Try what nubs has suggested, try the reinstall, also, if you don’t need to worry about latency and the problem shows up with ASIO, you can mess around with other drivers. I mention this because ASIO seems to force 16 bits on the Aardvark, but since I’m just recording audio and latency doesn’t matter I just ended up using WDM (IIRC). Hope this helps… :(

I had the same problem with mine. Do a re-install and choose 24 bit left justified, did the trick for me, runs very smooth now.

:D Tag and Nubs, that did it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Isn't this
board great! I really truely appreciate your assistance!

TomS? Aside from having a great name ;-) Thanks for showing your consirn
and hanging in there with me during my darkest hrs lol I appreciate
your generous considerations and great attatude! Thanks!

I've experianced a few diffrent problems that needed individual solutions,
it all was very confusing combined, and to make it worse it all happened
very suddenly. It was easy to point the finger and question mark at
ntracks new release! But with the help from this forum I believe that
I have it all in order now!

From other posts consirning my comps troubles:

Ali? Thank you I now have a halfway decent offline DAW! This is good!

Jet, phoo, Scantee, pickNgrin thanks for your suggestions and consirn!

Tony? You helped much more than you know! Thanks!

NoCents? You really went to bat for me and I'm very greatful for your

Ya'all are very very cool!


Well, we Toms gotta stick together. :) Even if I can’t help I can mumble encouraging sounds.