Delta 1010 opinions/options?

Hey all;

I’m looking at moving to an 8 (or more) input soundcard and the Delta 1010LT looks pretty good. Anyone had any experience with it? How are the micpres? Are there any other 8+ input cards out there I should be looking at?


Hi, I’ve got a Rackmount Delta 1010 which I like a lot, I particularly like the Delta’s software control panel which is the same as the 1010lt.
I use a hardware mixer for Mic pre’s and to give the artists their monitor feeds via the aux sends.

I used the Delta44 for years as my interface, and had very few problems - in fact, it is still being used to record my weekend band’s practice sessions (with nTrack 3.2!). The closest thing to a problem I see you having with the 1010LT is that it’s inputs (save for the mic ins) are unbalanced. While this is not a bad thing in itself, it does mean that you should be extra careful to keep connecting cables as short as you can, and buy the best ones you can afford. Also, keep as far from CRT monitors, ungrounded amps, refrigerators, air-conditioners, etc., as you can. But since you should still do all of these things even if you have balanced ins, I do not see that as a real problem, just something to keep in mind.

As to the mic pres, the reviews I remember suggested they were a step up from a Behringer mixer, but not spectacular. Of course, considering what-all else you get with the 1010LT, and for how much money, that is plenty good!

Good luck!
'til next time;

I’ve got a Delta 1010 with the outboard box and it works great for me. The drivers have been solid and I haven’t had any problems.

Having the rack mount external box is nice. If you can possibly justify spending the extra money I would suggest that you go that route.

OK, I think I’ll order one up then. Thanks for the input all.