Delta 1010LT with External Mixer

Looking for input on setups

I pretty much set on building my DAW using the M-Audio 1010LT.

Is it possible to use an external midi mixer to control the card?

I welcome any input on how best to set up my system.



the card itself couldn’t use a MIDI mixer. n-tracks will though. (midi is instructions, that n-track and other software can interpret-but the midi in on the 1010lt is just a midi connection, it doesn’t hook up to the control panel for the 1010lt in any way.)

I used to own a 1010lt and a behringer mixer. I ran a ts/rca cable from the inserts on the mixer (clicked in only halfway if you want the sound to still go through the mixer to monitor the recordings) to the 1010lt. of course the first two channels needed an xlr connection, so I set them to line-in on the card, and used a transformer to convert the unbalanced connection to balanced before hooking it up to the xlr inputs. sometimes I hooked the mic’s directly up to the xlr’s, but the preamps in it weren’t even as good as the behringers. then I set up the first stereo line out on the card into the “tape in” on the behringer.

fantastic beginner card by the way.


Thanks much for the information. Very helpful. I was considering a Berringer mixer as well.

Can I use the midi connections of the 1010LT to connect the mixer and control N-Track?