Delta 1010LT

Does it still pop with N-Track?

I found a really good deal on a Delta 1010LT sound card, but remember reading posts about popping and clipping when using with N-Track?

Does anyone know if this was ever rectified?


I used one for years and NEVER had any problems. mostly popping and clipping is a buffering setting issue.

Thanks for the feedback!

I think it depends on your hardware setup.
Many of the 1010lt problems were due to PCI latency with the video card (even if it is AGP) and other devices.
On my last machine, I used the ‘PCI Latency Tool’ to turn down the latency for the video card. After a few minutes of trial and error, the 1010LT worked great. Everything else (including the video) worked fine, too.
The machine I have now runs the 1010 great without tweaking anything.

Hi, I have a 1010 with an old P3 and it works fine for me.