Delta 44 question:

Delta Experts:

I need some help w/ my newly aquired Delta 44.

On the “patchbay/router” , “wav out 1/2” and “wav out 3/4” are both selected, but I can’t hear anything out of the 3/4 - regardless of what I hook 3/4 up to.

Wave out 1/2 works fine. 3/4 is causing all the problems.


Can both work at the same time?

BTW, Wav out 1/2 is going to monitors. Wav out 3/4 is going to my newly aquired headphone amplifier.

Any help/ insight would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to let n-track know to send signal to the Delta’s 3 and 4 outs, using the hammer icon on the playback meters.

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I don’t have that flexibility under the hammer section, or the playback VU meter:

Once I click the hammer, all I can do is select Channels: Stereo or Mono, and Bits: 16 or 24.

I’ve selected to send the signal to outputs 3/4 on the Delta Control Panel with 1/2 - but nothing comes out of the 3/4s.

Any thoughts?

PS: This also impacts I-Tunes, etc.

Click hammer, click channels i/o select playback to more than one channel.

I can’t do that… it doesn’t give me the option to select playback on more than one channel when I click the hammer on the playback vu meter.

When I click the hammer on the playback vu meter I can do 3 things:
1. select between stereo and mono.
2. select between 16 and 24 bits
3. check a box to apply settings to all channels

I’m using build 5.0.8 build 2268.

I think the issue is in the breakout box. The sound should come out of all outputs (labeled 1-4)… right?

Found it…

You make the changes on the Recording VU Meter. I was looking at the “Playback” meter, and not the "Recording Meter."

Thanks for the help though, as I never would have found it without you guys.

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Hi , I’m surprised changing settings in the Rec meter has fixed your problem.

I thought you couldn’t select P/b to more than one soundcard output.

So a workaround for your problem was to set the main p/b to be Delta o/p 3/4 which gets the sound out of those sockets then set H/w Out 1/2 to be the monitor mixer and to get your playback sound there through the Wav out 3/4 faders of the monitor mixer.

(Right clicking on a track then selecting properties brings up a box where you can choose which output to use for that track.)