Delta 66

Smooth install

Hey Guys:
This is my 1st post to this forum, I’ve learned a lot reading it.
I’ve been using Ntrack (luv it!) for about a year, I bought the 24 bit version knowing that I would get tired of the crappy soundcard on my computer and now I’m ready to go 24/96 (I think) I have a new computer and I want to get the delta 66 thingy. My computer has a realtek AC97 soundcard, question is: will I have any trouble getting the new soundcard to play nicely with the old one still in there? What if I want to burn my tunes to Cd with musicmatch? Is the delta ok with Windows XP? Ok enuf Questions! whattayu think? :) :) :)

you can have two soundcards somewhat peacefully co-exist in your computer. you just have set them up correctly. I would suggest having windows use the ac97 card for its sounds and such-you can set the control panel-> sound devices to all use the ac97 card-then I would simply set n-track to use the delta card in its preferences.

if you only have one set of speakers set up, you will need to choose which card will receive the output, and set that one as the main device in the control panel->sound devices.

burning your cd’s has nothing to do with your soundcard

have fun

Delta 44 (mostly same card, and same drivers) went straight into my XP system with no worries at all. Install the card, turn on, install the drivers when prompted and that was it. Sits fine alongside the onboard Creative and nary a problem. Just select which you want to use for system sounds in Control Panel. Probably a good idea (as with most things) to download dirvers from the website rather than using the ones on the CD to get the latest and (usually) greatest.

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Thank you for the info! I don’t have speakers for my new computer yet but I would like to try to use my home stereo to listen to my recordings. Does that sound like a plan?

Definitely - pick up a couple of Jack to RCA adaptor plugs and use some regular RCA/phono cables to your hifi and you’re good to go. I do the same thing - output to an integrated amp which drives my speakers.


Beeyewtiful! I will do it! I can hardly wait for the UPS guy to drop kick the delta to my front porch! (just kidding if anyone out there works for UPS) I’m sure I’ll have more Q’s when it gets here. Thanks again…