Destructive vs. Non-Destructive Issues

System Resources

I have been using non-desructive mode when cutting and pasting audio data. I was reading the currents docs on this issue and reference is made to excessive system load when using non-destructive mode. It sounds like when using non-destructive mode to cut and paste chunks of data to different tracks the program simply makes reference points to the original data file. The docs also mention that if insert effects are applied to the pasted files this can cause overload on the system causing erratic play back. Can anyone confirm this issue. To date I have not experienced any problems but is my assumption stated above correct?


Yes. Don’t worry if you haven’t had any problems.

Keep in mind that if you do destructive edits to a wave that is referenced in other parts of the song (non-destructive edits) that whatever is destructively applied to one part will appear on all parts. That might not be what you want.

It’s better to do submixes than to do destructive edits in my opinion. That way the original files aren’t affected.