Developer looking for beta testers...

for new soft synth.


You may want to consider beta testing this new soft synth, “Synth Master”. It looks very kewl and it has the endorsement of Peter Gannon, the creator of Band-In-A-Box (at least he acknowledges the developer on the thread). It looked like unadulterated spam at first, the fellow’s first post on the forum and he is already pushing a product, but Peter acknowledged him today and that legitimized the guy to me.

Give it a look (video tutorial) in this thread:…0#88994

Here is a direct link to the tutorial video:

I’ll jump in after you pros give it a review.

Don :D

Do you have a link other than a video?


He wants beta testers to email him at: bulent AT

I will try to get more info and post back.

Don :(


Here is a link to his site where you can download several versions.


Don :D

Hi Don:
What a great site… This guy has a serious looking synth there… This looks to me like this is something that’s gonna take a lot of your attention…



The site is under construction and none of the links are active. It would be best to contact the developer by email and find out how he wants to proceed.

Don ???

Thanks, Don, I will take a look and see if it’s something I can do.

Don, I think you should remove the @ from the guy’s email addy in your post.
He left it out on purpose to prevent automatic spam!

Thanks hanje,


I apologize for my ignorance.