Did a video for a laugh...

Just noticed some lip sync issues near the end which aren’t on my copy…they just appeared on youtube…
Just a bit of fun…whatchya think? ??? Should I bother changing the lip synch thing? (took over an hour to upload to youtube)

Like the wig?

I like the wig.


What did you use to make it?

2:32 me and Sarah cwackin’ up! Love it as is!

Quote: (TomS @ May 25 2009, 8:54 AM)

I like the wig.


What did you use to make it?

What the wig?

I really had to contain myself to stop from laughing when filming it all...
I used our digital camera for filming and windows movie maker for editing.

Poppa glad you both liked it!
I had no plan or anything. Maybe next time I'd better do a storyboard or summet....

wish i knew anything about video. looks like a lot of fun!

a beautiful mix of the silly and sublime. i too like the wig. the rasta/cat-in-the-hat hat is so un-you that it’s great!


Anything to cover that receding hairline to be honest..... :laugh:

Hey? Where can I get a wig like that? It’s good! Keep workin um! It’s a very good video.

Neat video. This is the first N-track related video I’ve seen. How long did it take to come up with ideas/film/edit all in all?
At :49 sec. when you’re driving, I almost thought you were on the wrong side of the road- forgot you are in England!

A really good video, Craig. Despite the title of the song, you can’t keep from smiling, or even laughing, while watching it.

Great stuff Spreader. You’re a star mate. Er…if you’ve done with the wig? :laugh:

Thanks guys!

Geoff, the idea has been kicking around for a while, but it took around two hours for all the filming and the same for the edit.
I just thought of the spotlight effect, thought it looked ok and went from there :laugh:

Thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I’m thinking I may do one for every song now…after all it cost nothing!

Wig was
£7 from eBay. I did film me with a clown face at first, but with the lights and all you could only see the big red nose. You catch a glimpse of it at around 2.34…

Give it a go! It fits nicely with the creative processes/thoughts of writing songs!

I want my MTvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv, ah that ain’t working, that’s the way you do it
You play the geetar on the MTV. . . .

Cool vid bud! The wig was scary and funny! :laugh:

Dude that was awesome, I ain’t kidding either, just fantastic, I loved the song, the video, the whole thing dude, just great in all it’s glory. I wouldn’t change a thing at all, it’s got style, and it’s original all the way. Well done and very, very cool. I just loved it, the whole thing.

I would like to do a collaberation with you one day if your interested. I’m currently doing my third album (virtual of course) and it would be very cool if you could be in it for one or two songs. I’m trying to follow a theme this time instead of all over the place as one of my friends pointed out. Please send me a PM if your interested and we’ll discuss it further if you want.

As a side note, I was singing along with your video and the harmony was good, thats why I got the idea of doing a collaberation with you.

Great stuff, :D

PM duly sent Paco!

love it, love it, love it… you look a picture in that wig :cool:

Ange x