.Did Gonzales authorize torture?


Is this the same Gonzales as the other thread? :D

Us? Them? I don’t even have a single trade tower. :(

But, “Rules of War”. Lovely phrase innit?

It somehow implies a sort of gentlemanly approach to slaughter.

The noble knights intent on killing each other, pausing, as a flock of baby ducks toddles past; WW1 airmen having a friendly duel, then waving farewell as they part.

Sorry, war ain’t like that.

International politics, and more especially international PR, may dictate the commercials, but it don’t dictate the reality.

War is about killing people. It’s about 5 year old kids scrabbling about in the dust trying to gather their intestines together.

So, if we must have wars, then it has to be an all out war. If we can justify war, then we have to justify every atrocity that goes with it.

It’s about winning, at whatever cost.

And if that’s what we want, then so be it.

But, if we can’t feel comfortable about every aspect of war, then let’s not have them.


No more war, I’ll second that!