Did you ever wonder?

Yeah… me neither…


Ok D, ur trying to see if you can start a thread with the minimum input…right? :laugh:

I’ve always wondered . . . .

. . . . why I click on threads like this! :laugh:

There’s a sucker born every minute. I predict something profound will appear in this thread eventially. Especially with everbody - wondering.

Nothing profound… it’s just been awfully quiet around here. I finally have some time to check things out here and find… NOTHING. :laugh:


Makes you wonder don’t it.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ May 29 2009, 8:58 AM)

Makes you wonder don't it.

Sometimes I do
Sometimes I dont
Sometimes I will
Sometimes I wont

But I might

Sometimes I want
Sometimes I need
Sometimes I sweat
Sometimes I bleed

Burma Shave

Sometimes I play
Sometimes I eat
Sometimes I nap
Sometimes I sleep



Good old King Crimson.

Hey… WOW! I figured it out…

But I can’t tell you…

Oh!.. Oh!..

Nevermind… sorry…


I have something to wonder about now… What it is (specially here in the south) with “Decoration Sundays”? Had I not been working all these Sundays, we would have spent every Sunday in May walking around cemeteries looking at the graves of people we never knew and talking to distant relatives we really don’t know. Why?


That’s a new one on me and I spent years in the south - Tennessee anyway.

Now decoration Sunday with cans of silly string in graveyards - that I could get behind!

That’s one of the things that reminds me I’m not a true southerner. I don’t do the decoration day thing. I also don’t care for NASCAR or professional wrestling.

Well… when I ask the old-timers about it I get answers like “Show respect for the dead and that they are remembered…” Say what? I didn’t know 99.9% of these people. How do I know they deserve “my respect”? They could have been dead-beat losers, whore mongers or axe murderers for all I know! Sheesh…

D - from Mars or someplace…

PS My wife has standing orders to just stick this ol’ sack of flesh in the ground someplace, burn it, donate it to science, feed it to the pigs… whatever makes her happy and forget about it. I know I’ll be done with it! No need to “decorate” it…


Now decoration Sunday with cans of silly string in graveyards - that I could get behind!

LOL... Me too Poppa... me too... :agree:


Decoration Sunday? Don’t do it here. What’s the point?
A point in every direction is like having no point at all.
I’m to be cremated and flushed down the toilet, gonna decorate the sewer?

Professional Wrestling is REAL :laugh:

Nascar is great for naps! :cool: