Different PC: different drivers?

24->16 bit; ASIO ->MME

What do you think?..
I do my recording in a shed on a PC with a decent soundcard, using ASIO drivers and 24-bit recording. My cunning plan is to save the files to an external hard drive and bring them into the comfort of the house to finish the master mixing. Trouble is, the “house” PC’s soundcard only seems to enable 16-bit and MME drivers. As long as I don’t try to record in the house, am I compromising the quality of the finished product or not? Everything seems to sound O.K. and work well enough (although I haven’t tried a mixeddown in the house yet), so I don’t want to buy a second decent soundcard if I don’t need to.

I do that all the time from my desktop in my “room” to my laptop.
I think the finished products are better due to the better environment - never had a problem with 16 bit anyway either though.

I like to record in and then mix in a different room.
The reason is the same - it’s a more comfortable room.
I don’t have a fancy sound card on the mixing machine, but I do have good monitors.
I may be corrected by someone here that knows better, but I am under the impression that the recording curcuit is the only one that effects the actual sound of the recording. When you manipulate the sound with the software and the plug ins the sound card only effects what you hear, not the sound recorded, that is changed by the software, not the sound card - in other words, you are not re-recording the sound, so the sound card doesn’t change the recording. Nuts: I need some vocabulary here.
Of course, if you have a sound card and speakers that do not give you a good sound picture, then you can mix can be wrong when played on different equipment. That is why, some engineers mix and play on different systems - mix play on good speakers, play on crappy speakers, turn the volume up, turn it down. How does the recording sound on the diofferent systems.
So, try the house system you have, then take it back to the studio and listen. Play it on the car radio - that is a good test.
I am using 24 bit now for recording, but I can’t tell the difference on anything I have done so far. I’ve donw a lot of stuff on 16 bit and never felt like I was missing anytning. I guess if I were using a lot of plug in that really re-worked the digital it might matter.