Different program!

Allright, no one kill me, but I’m looking for another recording program. Surely there has to be one out there that, in my opinion, is better than N-Track.

Any suggestions?



Maybe there is something, in you opinion. In my opinion, no. Anything I might suggest would be inferior. I chose n-Tracks because it does what I need easier and better than other apps, no matter what the price range is.

Perhaps you should tell us what you are looking for and why n-Tracks doesn’t meet your needs. There are other apps that do some things better than n-Tracks. It all depends on what you want.

Dave, Phoo’s reply is one that beckons your response to properly answer your question.

Because if you are having problems with N-track, you will most likely encounter similar issues with another program.

However, you may check out Electronic Musician magazine this month for a side by side comparison of low cost audio sequencers. If you can’t find the current September issue, check out their website, www.electronicmusician.com and you might be able to read the article online.

I mean, c’mon, define “better.”

Yeah Tom,

And that pic shows only the demo version!


Well, it crashes alot, alot alot. And I can’t record anything without those annoying clicks and pops. I’ve adjusted the #### out of my buffering settings, and still that happens. My piano roll midi editing never stays in time, and my metronome never works when I need it to. I dunno, maybe it’s just my settings/computer, but it’s really frustrating and it’s left me to find another option. But if there is a solution inside the program, I’m all for it. Rather keep n-track and have it work than go through the hassle of learning another program.


Hi Dave :)

I have been able to find a fix to just about every single problem I have had by checking with the excellent folks here on the forum and just tinkering around on my own.

It does take time but once you clear those hurdles, you are on your way. Try posting one problem at a time and fixing it, then move on.

Recording software and Pc’s of any make or type or always going to have some issues, yes it’s frustrating, but once you clear your problems you have an amazingly powerful recording device at your disposal.

Most of my tech issues are gone now and currently I am working on how to reduce the time it takes for me to complete a full arrangement DIY project

Good Luck Bud,

Ted :)

I’ve run N-Track from v.2 on 3 different systems.

If you’ve got problems, there’s something wrong you need to correct; just switching programs won’t be a cure-all.

However, CubaseSE is very, very good and is only $99. Give it a shot.

Fair enough, no need to change a good thing if it can be fixed. Might as well start from the top!

Whenever I record anything, I get horribly annoying cracks and clicks and such, assumingly being caused by my sample rate. I have it on the highest buffering setting right now, but maybe that’s the problem? Can anyone guide me towards a solution?


Hi Dave :)

All my clicks, pops and audio artifacts disappeared when I reduced my sample rate to 24 bit/ 48 khz. The audio quality difference between that and 24 bit/ 96 khz was so negligible that I was able to easily live with it.

I have a M audio 24/96 audiophile sound card. My CPU runs at 1.2 Ghz and I have 1 gig of ram.

Hope that helps, oh, if you dont get a lot of responses, you may try creating a seperate post for each problem rather than bundling it all into this post. Just a thought.

Ted :)

P.S. also, people are probably going to inquire about the specs of your system you are running N track on, and your sound card , etc.


Are you using the latest version on nTrack?
What is your sound card?
What are your puter specs?

I use an ASIO driver and when I am experiencing pops and clicks, I increase the latency which increases the buffer size. If you are using an ASIO driver, you should change the settings in the ASIO control panel and not in nTrack.

A also have an Audiophile 24/96. 2 ghz, Pentium 4. 256 Memory, 40gb of ram.

I’m gonna try to change my sample rate, it is at 96000, and I did change it when I got my Audiophile, so let’s see!


Cool Dave :)

Its been a long time since I dealt with that problem, but if I remember right you have to make the change on the m audio sound card driver.

Also, when you say your memory is at 256, I figure you mean that you have 256 megs of ram at your disposal. You may want to consider eventually upgrading your ram to at least 512 megs, but one thing at a time. :)


Quote (Dave_Reeves @ Sep. 25 2005,15:37)
A also have an Audiophile 24/96. 2 ghz, Pentium 4. 256 Memory, 40gb of ram.

I’m gonna try to change my sample rate, it is at 96000, and I did change it when I got my Audiophile, so let’s see!


Dave -

I would think your RAM is the problem (assuming it’s 256meg, not your 40gig hard drive). Whichever operating system you’re using, it’s very probably that it’s swapping pieces of the OS out to virtual memory (to/from the page file on your hard drive) while it’s trying to record tracks both in your RAM and onto your drive. I can’t see how you could NOT be having problems. If you’re really recording at 24/96, that’s a lot of data to be pushing around.

I run W2K server on my machine, which basically takes up almost 300meg by default after boot (but that’s a little extreme). I was running 512meg for a bit, and N-track worked fine, but needed more headroom, and now I’ve upgraded to 1gig. I also run at about 2.4ghz (overclocked mobo) and throwing more RAM at your machine will help out in the long run. ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to record 24/96 (I’m sticking to 16/48 right now even though I’ve got a Delta 1010 and could do it).

If you’re serious about using ANY multitracking software on your machine, I would highly recommend upgrading your RAM, both in speed (find out what the upper limits of your RAM speed can be on your motherboard) and in capacity, at the minimum 512meg, but I’d recommend at least 1gig.

P.S. I’m also fairly new to this, so take my advice with a grain of salt - but the RAM issue is fairly pivotal.

Hi Octopus : )

I agree with Octopus, but i think that reducing your sampling rate might give you some immediate results that you could smile about today. Give it a try and let us know.

See, thats the neat thing about N track, the forum is awesome, lotsa people willing and trying to help out their fellow trackers.



Awesome. I changed my sample rate, and it’s good to go. Thanks a lot for all the speedy replies.


Cool, Dave, I was going to say something about the settings for sample rate, left justified, that sort of thing, since I had the pops and clicks you describe and it was just a matter of getting the program and the sound card on the same page. You would have the exact same issues with any program, unless you get something like Protools or a computer already set up by Sweetwater or someone like them, and then you’d be paying a bit more… :D

Excellent Dave :)

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