Digital Noise (Pops)

Pops in recording

I have been using ntrack for about a year on a “fairly decent” laptop. In the past…from time to time - somewhere in the recording process I would get these clicks and pops. It used to happen after recording a lot of tracks and mix-downs. Recently, this problem has gotten worse to the point that it shows up just by turning ntrack on. I have tried adjusting the buffers and sound card settings and have only been able to make things worse but not better. I don’t run any other applications while ntrack is on… Any ideas on how to solve this? thanks. Help is appreciated…

make hard copy backup (CD) of any songs/tracks you may not be using on a permanent basis then delete these files -

run defrag -

the pops on a laptop are caused by slow speed (RPM) of the hard drive and the head in the disk drive hunting for fragments of a song/track that are scattered all over the disk - when defragged the files will be consecutive and the head will not have to move so far to move when retrieving audio -

Dr J

ALSO make sure that DMA is active on that hard drive - using DMA N can access the hard drive directly bypassing the slow windows disk access process -

Dr J

Thank you…I will try that.