VST plug-in

Compatible with ntrack?

I participate over at and there is a thread started there tonight regarding It’s a website, software, and a service with the following features amongst others:

"On the website you’ll find a forum, public and private chat rooms and a private messaging system. Via a partner list you can choose the community members that you would like to work with. The website also includes the latest music business and software industry news and reviews as well as relevant workshops and a vast range of tutorials on how to use the digital musician link VST plug-in.

The digital musician link (DML) VST plug-in is based on the latest VST 2.0 interface and is easily integrated into most modern sequencer environments. The plug-in creates an audio, MIDI and video connection just like you would find in a “real” studio. On top of that delays and latencies during data transfer are a thing of the past as your partners signal is always sample exact in sync with your sequencer. You can’t believe it? Then try it out!"

This software isn’t in competition with ntrack; instead, it would be used to enhance the collaborative experience. I just heard of this software tonight. Have any of the beta testers tried it out with ntrack, especially ver 4.0.5 1841 (what I am running right now! :slight_smile: )