Digitec RP-50

Sustain - how to?

I am basically just a hobby player in my home studio. I wired everything through an 8 channel mixer into my PC and play mostly with headphones. I use a Digitec RP-50 pedal for my effects. Any suggestions for getting a really long sustain without a bunch of distortion?



Hey cliff,

Check that RP50 out. There should be a compressor in one the effects “chain”. Use it with a clean amp model and that might get what you want… Won’t hurt to try.


it seems the more sustain, the more distortion…

time to get the manual out, i guess


The compressor settings should get you what you want cliff. I have an older rp10 that the sustain thru the distortion sounds really crappy. But with low distortion settings and higher compressor settings I can get some decent sounds.

Still doesn’t get that Marshall / Les Paul / Mic’ed sound tho.